Welcome to Tel West

Who we are

Founded in 1984, the Tel-West team of professional voice, data and cabling specialists is committed to the highest levels of customer support to over 4000 business accounts in the Spokane and surrounding area.

We work with our customers to maximize their communications equipment and find cost effective solutions to gain a competitive advantage and streamline their businesses.

At Tel-West every system we install is designed with the customer in mind, to give them a competitive advantage in their market.

What we do

Tel-West provides engineering, installation and long term service, working to establish a technology strategy based on high quality products and service standards, ensuring optimal system performance and customer satisfaction for years to come.

We provide quality equipment and top notch service. Out highly trained staff understands the industry and offers expert advice on all your communications needs.


Proudly providing

We specialize in installing and servicing telephone and voicemail systems, call processing and accounting systems, surveillance and speech privacy, as well as voice, data and fiber cabling. With our industry leading products from manufacturers like Toshiba and NEC.


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